“How to Be Free from Sports Injuries, Frustrating Muscle Tension, and Increase Your Range of Motion and Athletic Performance.”

Are you a Weekend Warrior, cyclist, golfer, or tennis player who is struggling with a sports injury and muscle tension?

Do you wish to get back to your peak level of fitness while reducing inflammation and tension in the body?

If you’ve been struggling with an injury for awhile, it is easy to think the pain will go away on its own. You may have learned to live with the pain and/or you’ve even stopped participating in the sports you love because the injury has never fully healed. Does this sound familiar?

We see athletes all the time who push through their injuries and muscle tension and continue to bike, ride, run and climb with injuries that have never completely healed. This then results in more severe injuries. Many of these clients have tried certain methods of care or used painkillers that haven’t provided positive results.

Movement that assists with adding more flexibility to the hamstring.

At Be Free Thai Yoga..

We have found that Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy and Health Coaching has been successful at providing pain relief that is long lasting.

Are you wondering why you’ve been suffering from a sports injury for months which has been prohibiting you from participating in the sports you love, at the best of your ability?

Here are 6 reasons why you may still be suffering from a lingering sports injury and pain:

  1. After you injured yourself you took a few days to rest and then went back to your sport. Many people believe resting for a few days after an injury will cause the injury to go away. Typically the pain doesn’t go away with solely a few days of rest and instead the pain increases once you return to your activity.
  2. You went to the doctor for an x-ray and they suggested to rest, ice, wear a brace and even take pain killers. You tried this method and the pain returned when you went back to your favorite sport.
  3. You’ve been given so much varying advice from people, you’re not sure who to listen to so instead you’ve chosen no proactive method of care other than rest and not exercising. You’ve found the pain is still there and now you’ve become disheartened.
  4. You’ve been told pain and injuries is normal by your family and friends as you age, so you’ve accepted it and learned to live with it.
  5. You’ve received Western Massages which have felt relaxing but it didn’t fix the the injury long term.
  6. You’ve tried some Youtube stretches that didn’t quite seem to help and/or made things worse.

If any of these things seem to resonate with you, we can help! We would love to speak to you today on a free phone consultation about how a SomaVeda® Therapeutic Protocol can bring you physical freedom so you can get back to your favorite sport and be more active!

So now you may be asking yourself, “How can seeing a SomaVeda® Thai Yoga therapist help me be free of sports injuries?”

Here’s just a few things a SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practitioner will do for you:

  1. By working the Meridian Lines, using acupressure massage techniques, and moving stored energy, we can quickly ease the pain and tension in just a few sessions.
  2. We will work the whole body to treat the whole body. Although you may come to your initial appointment because of your back pain, we will address the rest of the body which results in decreasing pain at a quicker rate.
  3. We will help reduce your stress and teach you ways to decrease your own stress using mindfulness practices.
  4. We will teach you the Emotional Freedom Technique which you can use on your own at home to continue your own mind, body, spirit healing.
  5. We will address lifestyle factors that may be causing the pain and try and solve the root cause to the problem.
  6. We will address nutritional choices that can enhance recovery and ensure you continue to life pain free.
  7. We will suggest yoga postures to be implemented at home in your daily routine to prevent future pain from reoccurring.
  8. We can help you get a good night’s sleep which will aid in your healing.
  9. We can help you get back to spending quality time with family and friends, pain free.
  10. We can help you get back to doing the things you love and living a life you love!

Please call us today to speak to a SomaVeda® Thai Yoga therapist to hear how we can help you. Or schedule an appointment now.

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