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Hi! I’m Elizabeth and feel so honored you’re taking the time to explore my offerings. I have spent the last 11 years as an educator, traveling internationally and locally to share my gifts of truth to guide others towards healing past traumas in order to cultivate freedom in their mind, body, and spirit.

Presently, I am a SomaVeda® Traditional Thai Yoga practitioner and Spiritual Counselor. I was trained at the Thai Yoga Center, located at the Native American Indigenous Church in Brooksville, Florida, under the leadership of Aachan Anthony B. James.


I instruct and practice from a trauma informed approach. I hold a certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga from the Justice Resource Institute and a 200 hour Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher certificate from Frog Lotus Yoga with Jennifer Yarro. I’m a licensed educator with a Masters in Education from Merrimack college, specializing in Elementary Education and Moderate Disabilities. I am currently studying under Dr. Anthony B. James at the SomaVeda® College of Natural Medicine in Brooksville, Florida in Ayurveda Natural Medicines and SomaVeda® Indigenous Traditional Therapies.

To be free means to have freedom in your health, freedom from the anxieties in the mind, freedom from tension in the physical body, financial freedom, and a free spirit. I use what I’ve learned along this journey of human existence to guide you towards healing, to develop freedom, and to cultivate happiness.

Be Free,

"To be human means we’ve experienced trauma along our Journey. To reach our highest potential in this human experience, we must heal holistically and grow from our traumas so we’re capable of being our best selves."

In my past life I :

    Grew mentally and physically as a Junior Olympic Competitive Gymnast from 1995-2006 where I first fell in love with physical movement.

    Began my teaching career as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in St. Vincent & the Grenadines in the Eastern Caribbean from 2010-2012.

    Taught third grade mathematics in Lawrence, Massachusetts from 2013-2015 which opened my eyes and heart to how traumas affect a human being.

    Was a USA Competitive Gymnastics Head Coach at Allstar Gymnastics in Chelmsford, MA from 2013-2018 where I provided individualized instruction to meet each gymnast’s needs using conditioning, flexibility, mindset practices, and positive & constructive feedback.

    Facilitated a Leadership Program in Tanzania, East Africa from 2018-2019, with the charity Climb for a Child, which resulted in inspiring youth to cultivate their own God-given talents to climb out of poverty.

    Designed and implemented the first Yoga and Mindfulness program in a public elementary school in Lawrence, Massachusetts, which reached over 1,500 students from 2015-2021. The curriculum focused on self-regulation, kindness practices and positive mindset skills.

Be Free

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