Initial Appointment

In your first SomaVeda® Thai Yoga session, you will experience a general balancing full body treatment. The practitioner will learn more about the client's physical limitations, overall health & lifestyle factors, and emotional wellbeing in order to suggest a treatment plan moving forward. The practitioner will move your body through all 5 Thai Yoga asanas (postures): Supine, Side Lying Position, Prone, Second Supine, and Seated. The techniques used include acupressure massage, facilitated stretching, rocking, and rhythmic compression. All you need to do is show up and let the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga therapist do the rest of the work.

Supine Intensive

In the Supine Intensive of the Therapeutic Protocol, treatment will be received lying on the back (Supine.) Pressure will be more localized than in the initial appointment with a focus on the quadriceps, IT band, calves, foot reflexology, adductor, hip mobility, hamstring opening, lymphatic release, biceps, forearms, and a SomaVeda® Thai Yoga hand reflexology routine.

Side Lying Intensive

In the Side Lying Intensive, treatment will focus on: the inside and outside of the legs, quadriceps, ankle mobility, piriformis, lamina groove, scapula, neck, spinal rotation, and the arms. Shoulder pain, neck pain and lower back pain may decrease. By the third session you will begin to notice a shift in the body’s energy system (if you haven’t already) since the Prana Nadis or Meridians have received an immense amount of consciousness, attention, breath, energy and pressure.

Prone Intensive

While in the Prone Intensive (face down) the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practitioner has access to the meridian lines along the spine, scapula, cervical spine, hips, lower legs, calves, and the soles of the feet. This sequence includes facilitated backbends and heart openers and a full body master release leaving you feeling both energized and relaxed.

Abdominal & Leg Stretching Intensive

In the second Supine intensive, we focus on the abdominal region and legs. The abdominal and chest massage will facilitate a lymphatic system release to strengthen the immune system and aid digestion. Other techniques include supported shoulder stand, spinal rotation, leg presses, lower back release, and supported plow posture.

Seated Intensive

In the Seated Intensive of a Therapeutic Protocol the practitioner has access to the trapezius muscles, neck and shoulder acupressure points, and lower/upper back region. Other techniques include a spinal rotation, facilitated heart openers and forward fold, and a full face reflexology massage. Many adults have stored tension in the shoulder/neck region from sitting at a desk, stress, and exercise.

Long Full Body Intensive

In the 7th session of a SomaVeda® Therapeutic protocol we put all 5 Intensive sessions together into one long session. This session will take 1.5-2 hours depending on clients needs. By this point in a protocol the body has been releasing a great amount of stored energy, physical pain and traumas. By the end of this session you may feel highly energized and relaxed. The Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is also used with the client to restore any disruptions in the body’s energy system caused from past traumas.

Adjunct Therapies

In addition to our best selling Therapeutic Protocol we also offer Adjunct Therapies when the practitioner sees there is a need. We have tools and devices to aid therapy and speed up recovery. We use BiomagScience therapies, PEMF (Pulsed Electricmagnetic Field), Colloidal Silver, Tok Sen, Crystal Singing Bowls, Bio-Tuner, and Nutritional Support.

Ask about our adjunct therapies in your initial appointment.

How do you know if SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is the right fit for you?


You are looking for a quick fix to something that is likely very complicated.

You are not serious about your health. Recovery isn't a joke. We take things seriously here, especially your health.

You're not willing to work hard.

You're a quitter.


You understand that healing not only takes time, but it takes doing the right things, at the right time.

You are VERY serious about your HEALTH. We work best with people who are health-conscious, looking to live healthy, active lifestyles free of pain meds and surgery.

You know you're a hard worker, and willing to put the hours in to get things done.

You're dedicated to your mind, body, spirit and you're never one to back down from a challenge.

Request your initial appointment now with a full money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your treatment then there is no cost. 100% guarantee.


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